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Anthony's debut CD on the theme of spiritual and relational intimacy. Inspired by the work of pedagogue Paul Oertel. Recorded in La Gafferie, France and Boulder, CO. ​

"Anthony's music takes me on a new journey with each listening, a kind of meditation that seems to open space in myself to reflect on what I am feeling. It is music that is joyous, spirited, profound, spacious, poignant, eclectic and both spontaneous and formal, grounded and ethereal. It's music texture seems to embrace many cultures and times and seems to reach for the clarity and refinement of future evolutions. This music feels deeply related to Anthony's own feelings and personal spiritual journey, expressed with the elegance of his consulate and well crafted musicianship. It is a music for finding the hearts intentions and evolving to a more conscious state of being."

Paul Oertel, France

“I loved your CD so much! I felt like the music radiating out was a direct reflection of my self and my spiritual state as I keep leaning into both the darkness and the renewal. I am so grateful. Thank you for bringing music back into my life. It’s perfect and beautiful and medicinal”         


Dee.C. Denver

“Anthony’s music seems to emerge from his own deep listening with his entire being, as if the notes themselves arose out of a profound silence he was steeped in and just brought them back to the world. As I am with that music, I am brought to my own relationship with mystery and magic and my personal intimacy with the question of art and ultimately, with divinity itself”       


Workshop participant Boulder

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